четвъртък, януари 03, 2013

Happy 0123

I can barely believe the numbers of this year: 2013, or, like someone said, 0123. This year I start counting from scratch, and writing the first chapters of my new book of Changes. It feels like a brand new page, with the same words, but completely rearranged. Once you truly change the way you look at things, those things definitely change. For you. And that is sometimes difficult for others to handle, as I've recently noticed. Am I suddenly too happy, positive, demystified and real to be part of the neverending "life sucks and we're all doomed" philosophy? An apocalypse really might have taken place last year, in my head. The sun rises with a different palette of colors as of now. I feel like changing the conditions of the game we call living. Not just dream about changing my world, but doing something about it. And with that in mind, the bull needs to be grabbed by the horns.

Now, as tradition will have it, I've set apart some of the musical scapes that walked with me through ups, downs, smiles and frowns in 2012. Thank you, Music, for putting up with all my moodswings. Now that is friendship as I see it. Here's to new beginnings.