четвъртък, август 12, 2010

The Gardener's nightmare

"Being schooled after the Second World War in an education system still behind the times, hampered by pre-war attitudes, and hardly attuned to a generation ejoying the peace and relative prosperity not afforded to their parents, the late fifties were an era of opportunity for teenagers, unlike any before.

Railing against the school system, Waters (Roger) would later describe an episode that encapsulated his contempt. Deciding to seek revenge on the school's gardener for some real or imagined slight, he and a group of co-conspirators went into the school orchard with a stepladder and singled out the gardener's favourite tree. They then proceeded to eat every apple on the tree, taking care not to remove any from the branches."

~ Pigs Might Fly, the Story of Pink Floyd. Written by Mark Blake, 2007